Weekly Roundup 11/6 – 11/12

Favorite Single: “New Year’s Eve” – Pale Waves

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Favorite Music Video: “Blue Light” – Kelela

Favorite Cover: “Without You” – Tonight Alive (originally by Silverchair)

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Favorite EP: “Frequency Illusion” – Young Earth

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Favorite Album: “From The Fires” – Greta Van Fleet

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Favorite Artwork: “From The Fires” – Greta Van Fleet


Favorite Artist: Greta Van Fleet

With four brand-new songs on their latest album, added to the four from their previous EP “Black Smoke Rising,” Greta Van Fleet showcase their classic rock sound with style and confidence.




EP Review: Young Earth’s “Frequency Illusion”

“Frequency Illusion” wanders cheerfully from thought to thought, never pausing long enough to get bogged down. The five-song EP is light-hearted and whimsical, with a slight melancholy edge that stops it from being saccharine. Gentle rhythms carry the songs peacefully towards their endings, like boats bobbing along in a light current. Depending on your mood, these are tracks that could provoke dance parties or cause deep reflection. Whether singing about unrequited love or learning to move on, Young Earth is honest and direct. But each tragic situation is spun into something hopeful, the unhappiness already fading into the background in favor of an optimistic viewpoint. There is a lovely ambiguity to the EP, a duality of emotion that inevitably leaves the listener with a sense of bittersweetness after the last strains of “Let Go” have faded.

Title track “Frequency Illusion” is softly plaintive, breaks between verses leaving space for steady, rolling instrumentals. “Worth It” is wonderfully and unrepentantly love-struck, the vocals managing to be simultaneously carefree and daringly hopeful. The most upbeat track on “Frequency Illusion” is “Got a Secret,” which amps the EP up to dance-ready with playful guitars and driving drums. It’s as close to an indie rock song as the EP gets; and is appropriately dance-inducing, without leaving behind the enchanting bittersweetness that characterizes “Frequency Illusion.” “Undercover” continues where “Got a Secret” left off, corkscrewing guitar riffs and lively vocals digging deeper into indie rock. The last track on the EP is “Let Go.” The track starts off slow, with intimate vocals and bared drums, before taking on a cinematic feel, wistful and nostalgic ambience underscoring the gentle vocals and contemplative lyrics.

“Frequency Illusion” is the music that plays over the closing credits of a much-loved TV show: bittersweet and beautiful.

Favorites: “Let Go,” “Got a Secret,” “Worth It”

Similar to: Circa Waves, The Academic, Harlea

Listen to “Frequency Illusion” here.

NoMBe and Young Earth release new singles

NoMBE is currently in the process of releasing his debut album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me” track by track, with a new single each month. He just released his latest single “Jump Right In,” a sweet and upbeat love song.

Young Earth’s sophomore EP “Frequency Illusion” is out November 7th, and the band have just released “Let Go,” a carefree single pulled from the upcoming EP.

Discover: Montauk Hotel

Montauk Hotel are an indie-shimmer-pop act based in Dublin. Infused with a nostalgic and dreamy sheen, the foursome’s sound takes inspiration from early 80s indie-pop. This lends the group’s music a timeless feel, giving each song the appearance of an instant classic. Montauk Hotel bring together quirky jangle pop melodies and soothing, glimmer-laden guitars to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Pulling from influences both old and new, Montauk Hotel spin a refreshing take on laid-back indie pop. Formed late last year, Montauk Hotel is composed of Claudia Verdecchia (vocals), Shell Dooley (guitars), Aoife Hester (bass) and Karima Dillon-El Toukhy (drums). Despite only being together for little over a year, the group have already released their first EP, “Montauk Hotel,” and a brand-new single, “Sense Of Place,” released this August.

Favorites: “Dust,” “1984,” “Sense Of Place”

Similar to: The Night Café, Sundara Karma, Young Earth

Watch the video for new single “Sense Of Place” below:

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Interview: Young Earth

You only have to hear one song from this Dublin group to fall instantly in love. Light and breezy instrumentals lull you into quiet contentment with the help of soft and friendly vocals. Add a slight retro twinge into the mix and you’ve got the perfect recipe for carefree sunny afternoons. At times, Young Earth take things a less airy route with indie rock guitar riffs that keep their music grounded and provide a subtle counterpoint to the buoyant vocals. “Bloodlove” shows off a darker side to the band, with mournful lyrics, whimsical vocals, and atmospheric acoustic instrumentals. With only four songs, Young Earth have already proven their ability to create catchy indie pop/rock with a variety of moods and influences.

Favorites: “Got A Secret,” “Worth It,” “Bloodlove”

Similar to: The Academic, Harlea, Fangclub


Who are the members of the band?

Mark O’Keeffe – Songwriter, Vocalist, Guitarist

Alex O’Keeffe – Vocalist, Guitarist

Ben Mulligan – Vocalist, Drummer

Dylan Maher – Vocalist, Bassist

How did you guys meet?

We all met through BIMM, a music college in Dublin! I’m a graduate now, the other guys are still going through the degree process. We went through some initial line up changes but with Alex and Dylan joining in January things have really built up momentum.

If you could describe the band in one word, what would it be?


Who are some of your biggest artistic influences as a band?

We’d all draw from different kinds of genres, as most bands do. Alex is a huge Jazz Bro, and we’re all into Hip hop/Rap in different ways too. But our main kind of influences would be guitar bands – The Vaccines, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes. We really want to capture the excitement that they get across, that energy and vitality. especially with our newer material.

What’s your favorite city that you’ve performed in?

We’ve yet to travel overseas, so it’d have to be somewhere in Ireland! Galway was a great buzz, and Donegal (Right up the top of Ireland) was well worth the trek too this summer. It’s great to be able to visit places you’ve never been and try and spread the word, try to win over people who’ve never heard of you before.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure song?

Well, we don’t really believe in guilty pleasures and are huge fans of any good tunes and a lot of pop music – it’s meant to be good! Right now, gonna have to go with Dua Lipa’s New Rules. Can’t help but bop to that.

Most of your music is very carefree and light-hearted. Do you think the purpose of music is to be fun and to let people have a good time?

Yeah, I spent a few years writing slower, softer more introspective stuff and while it’s great and special as a band we really want to create a good energy/buzz and transfer it to others through our live set – we want people to come to our shows and have a bop, have a good time. We do like to balance it out with heavier stuff but keep it driven with hooks and proper choruses.

“Bloodlove” is a bit darker and more melancholy than your other music. What’s the story behind this song?

Yeah, that’d be quite a personal song for us and it’s one we bring out for special occasions – we’re planning on re-recording it soon. A few of our songs touch on the same theme as bloodlove – loving someone through adversity which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. It’s literally I love you so much, I’d give my body/life to be with you. A rare romantic moment for us!

What would your dream collab be?

I’m gonna speak on behalf of the lads and say Kanye, without a doubt. I think we’ve missed that Graduation Era boat where he did collabs with Indie bands but you never know. Slide into those DMs Ye xoxo

What are your plans for the near future?

We’ve just had a busy summer including recording the final few tracks off our Debut EP/Mini LP! We’re currently in the mixing and design stages of that, we want to really nail the whole package as it’ll be the first physical thing we release, and normally they can be a bit slapped together in the way they’re presented – lots of merch too that we’re excited about. We’re planning a big Dublin show with the release in Winter and then an Irish/UK tour in the spring!

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Discover: The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks’ first single “Live For The Moment” was a resounding success, which is why the band are using it as their calling card for their upcoming debut album, “Live For The Moment.” The band’s other singles have the same blithe indie rock hopefulness and idealism that “Live For The Moment” embodied. There’s a sweet optimism and belief present in The Sherlock’s music that carries through both in the band’s simple, positive lyrics and their bright, upbeat instrumentals. The group’s straightforward indie rock is light and buoyant, dance-ready and carefree. The Sherlocks are thoroughly dedicated to living the way they want to, and believing what they want to, and this results in a peace of mind that shines in their music. “Live For The Moment” is the band’s breakout single because it describes their music in four words.

Favorites: “Live For The Moment,” “Chasing Shadows,” “Will You Be There?”

Similar to: High Tyde, Young Earth, The Night Café

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