Discover: LPX

LPX is the new solo project of Lizzy Plapinger, who is currently on hiatus from her role as frontwoman of the electro-pop duo MS MR. This is nothing like the gentle synth-pop of MS MR. Dropping the first single “Tightrope” this January, Plapinger established her new project as vivid, bold pop. The debut single showcased frantic, forceful vocals and boatloads of sheer emotion, and introduced her incredibly compelling, muscular pop sound with a bang. Since then, Plapinger has released more singles, each better than the last. On “Tremble,” throbbing instrumentals swirl and pulse, mirroring and magnifying the vulnerable sentiment behind Plapinger’s brutal, aching vocals. On “Slide,” the singer’s steely-yet-vulnerable vocals boom, anthemic, over fuzzed-out powerhouse-pop, just the right amount of vicious. LPX’s debut EP “Bolt In Blue” is set for release in January 2018, and is sure to bring even more of Plapinger’s fantastic self-proclaimed “pantone punk.”

Favorites: “Slide,” “Tremble,” “Tightrope,”

Similar to: SNOW CULTURE, MS MR, Donna Missal

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