Weekly Roundup 9/25 – 10/1

Favorite Single: “Rocky Horror” – NoMBe

Listen here.

Favorite Music Video: “Blue: Reimagined” – Emarosa

Favorite Cover: “My Sharona” – Royal Blood (originally by The Knack)

Favorite EP: “The Pale White” – The Pale White

Listen here.

Favorite Album: “OK” – Otherkin

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Young Offenders” – High Tyde



Favorite Artist: Creeper

It’s hard not to be surprised and excited when a band announces they’ll be writing a book. And a book that connects to the storyline of their music? That’s just too good to be true.

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Otherkin, The Pale White, The Wonder Years, and Anson release new albums

The Pale White’s self-titled debut EP was released today, featuring four pre-released tracks that hint at a promising future for the band. Listen here.

Otherkin’s debut album “OK” is out now, featuring singles “Come On, Hello,” “Enabler,” and “REACT.” Listen here.

The Wonder Years released their acoustic EP “Burst & Decay” today. The EP was co-released by Loneliest Place On Earth, the band’s new collective. Listen here.

Anson released their debut EP “To Be Or Nothing At All” today, full of their brand of smooth alternative rock. Listen here.

Discover: The Pale White

Newcastle-based trio The Pale White have built their sound around outstandingly catchy bluesy guitar hooks, which take center stage. The vocals add to the rich blend of instrumentals, and the lyrics feel like an extension of the guitars. The music is melodic and rhythm-driven, and nothing about the heaviness of their sound feels weighed down. It’s rock that makes you want to dance.

Favorites: “Turn It Around,” “Reaction,” “That Dress”

Similar to: Reigning Days, Thrice, M I S F I R E S

Discover: Harlea

Harlea is the stage moniker of a London-based singer who combines catchy guitar riffs with pop-inspired vocals to deliver hits that weave together stomping, bluesy rock with mainstream pop. Thundering basslines and sultry vocals recall the days of classic rock, but a lack of guitars leaves room for crashing drums and production-slathered vocals. Confrontational lyrics complete the image of Harlea as an honest, straight-forward, modern-day rock star.

Favorites: “Miss Me,” “You Don’t Get It”

Similar to: Halestorm, Dorothy, The Pale White

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Discover: Hazels

Hazels are a five-piece rock band based in the UK. With their first two singles “The Cure” and “Can’t Ignore”, they established their genre as rolling, bluesy indie rock, complete with plaintive guitars and earnest lyrics. Though generally falling more on the British rock side of things, Hazels can still fulfill your softer needs with more indie pop songs like “One Last Call”. With savvy palm-muting, Hazels also channels summery pop punk, mixing up their melancholy indie vibes, but keeping the same enjoyable, easy-flowing rock.

Favorites: “The Cure”, “Break Up”

Similar to: The Pale White, The Kooks

Discover: Reigning Days

This UK-based trio are a breath of fresh air for anyone who misses the days of “real rock”. The straight-forward, hard-hitting bangers that make up their self-titled EP “Reigning Days” don’t mess around. There are equal parts brilliant riffs and brilliant lyrics throughout, and the sound soars above you, larger than life. For anyone claiming that rock is dead, Reigning Days are a wake-up call.

Favorites: “Crazy Horse”, “Friendly Fire”

Similar to: The Pale White, Black Honey