Alvarez Kings release new album “Somewhere Between”

South Yorkshire-based four-piece alt-pop group Alvarez Kings have put out a record filled to the brim with dreamy, atmospheric, synth-y pop. Filled with vague, sometimes existential questions and calmly cascading snyth riffs and twinkling notes, but grounded in solid vocals, the music is somewhere between pop and electronica, and we hope it stays that way.

Favorites: “Somewhere Between”, “Run From You”

Similar to: Sir Sly, COIN, Vinyl Theatre

Interview: In Confidence

In Confidence is a Nashville-based rock trio formed in 2015. Their music screams ‘rock’, a melting pot of all the genres that stemmed from plain-old rock, hardcore influences mixing with softer, stripped down verses and melodic, lyrical vocal sections. Heavy, fast-paced instrumental work throughout most of their songs provides a background for the candid vocals, and sometimes the guitars are allowed to shine through to great effect. In Confidence’s debut EP “Of Wolves and Lambs’ is out now, showcasing their talent. Listen to “My Lack of Words”, a quieter ballad that revolves around the vocals and sparse guitar plucking, and “152”, a confident track featuring intricate harmonies and guitar riffs.

Similar to: A Poison Alibi, Can’t Swim, Bad Seed Rising


Who are the members of the band and what instruments do they play? 

Jake Parker: Lead Vocals

Taylor Perkins: Guitar / Backup Vocals

Micah Oser: Drums / Backup Vocals

Erik Georges: Bass


How did the band meet?

In a twisted kind of way we met through craigslist in Nashville. Jake and Micah met through a guy that responded to a musician’s ad posted by Micah after he decided to start a new project. Micah knew Taylor through a local coffee shop and recruited him after a previous guitar player didn’t work out, and the 3 man lineup was born. Erik joined on bass after Jake wanted to make the move to frontman to focus on vocals and our live show stage presence. Erik played bass in another band and when they decided to disband we asked him if he would be interested in playing and he was.


You pride yourselves on making “honest” music. What does that mean to you?

Honest music is music that’s from the heart. It’s not manufactured for an audience, it’s inspired by true life events and real emotion.

We strive to write lyrics and music that expresses what we feel and that connects us all as human beings. It’s about an honest narrative about our lives and life in general. We want to be real and connect with other real people. We want someone to be able to listen to our music and know that we lived it.


What record has had the most influence on you as a band?

Man this is a hard one, there might not be an answer to that question honestly (laughing). Probably a better question would be ‘what bands have influenced us the most as a band?’ Jake’s lyrical writing and delivery has been influenced a lot by ‘The Dangerous Summer’, Taylor’s guitars and songwriting have been shaped by his appreciation for ‘Balance and Composure’ and ‘Brand New’ and Micah’s drumming has heavy influences from metal greats ‘Living Sacrifice’. Really a scatter plot for our sound, that’s why it’s unique. We all really dig what’s going on in the pop punk scene right now with bands like ‘Trophy Eyes’ and ‘Can’t Swim’.


There are a lot of masks in your music videos, and on the cover of your EP. What’s the symbolism behind that?

Well the masks all represent something a little bit different. The main character is our mascot ‘Frank’. He’s the humanity (oversimplified human form) in all of us. The wolf and the lamb masks represent the good and the bad that we all carry. It’s an expression of the human condition. We deal with good things and bad things and we wanted to communicate that in a visual way.

Micah created all the masks and we thought the concept of ‘we all live in the midst of good and bad or ‘good versus evil’ in our daily lives ‘ really meshed well with our songs.

And we all feel that getting to know someone or a group of people is all about the process of stripping away the fake , guarded, or superficial layers and becoming vulnerable. The masks are a way to symbolize the knowledge that we all put on airs to be seen the way we want to be seen, but taking those masks off and showing ourselves is the stride we are taking to be honest and real about ourselves and what we’re doing with this music. We want people to press in and get to know us.


What’s a favorite lyric that you’ve written so far? 

‘Don’t jump ship, Sellouts always sink’


If you could describe the band in one word, what would it be? 

‘Heartfelt’ or ‘Honest’


Your newest release is titled Of Wolves and Lambs. What is the message behind this album?

Life is really about doing your best with what circumstances you find yourself in. We just want people to identify with the things we all experience and stick it out, and get motivated to go after the things that are most important. There are a lot of people that aren’t really pushing to go after what they were made to do and we want them to change that and start doing exactly what they were made to do.



What are your plans for the near future?

Well we are currently writing and recording for our next release. We have some exciting songs written and can’t wait to get them out to everyone’s ears.  We have some touring coming up in the summer and playing more shows is always something we’re pushing for. We believe in what we’re doing and that we’re making quality music and we want to have as many people hear it as possible, so we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that something that happens.

So look for us on the road playing near you soon.