Chasing Velvet release their debut EP “Wings”


Discover: Jule Vera

Jule Vera’s music could easily be the soundtrack to any teenage romance. Straight-forward, lovelorn lyrics delivered in a smooth, compelling voice set the tone for the band’s first album “Friendly Enemies.” Drawn-out chords and rhythmic synths add a sense of magic, conjuring up a mysterious, heroic love story. Before you get too comfortable, pop punk gets thrown in to the mix and the songs become a headlong rush of hopeful naivety, sprinting to the final chorus. Jule Vera fall comfortably into alt-pop rock, with the sweetness of early Taylor Swift and the pop punk credentials of Hey Violet, mixed with an unshakable faith in true love.

Favorites: “Chemical Machine,” “Die Trying,” “Friendly Enemies”

Similar to: Crystalyne, Against The Current, State Champs

Discover: Twilight Creeps

This punk rock whirlwind have successfully created a catchy, unmistakable sound tinged with horror film influences. Clattering drums and warped palm muting make way for played-up vocals before crashing the party and taking over the choruses with thumping power chords and drawn-out cymbal crashes. With lyrics and song titles frequently referencing movies, Twilight Creeps mix hooks about The Wizard Of Oz into their darkly romantic old-school punk rock.

Favorites: “Critters,” “Underneath My Mask,” “God Damn Girl”

Similar to: Creeper, Alkaline Trio, Boston Manor