Bad Seed Rising release music video for their song “30” off their debut album “Awake In Color”


Discover: The Dead Famous

The Dead Famous are a 4-piece band from London, formed in 2010. The boy band is gaining attention for their infectious, sing-along pop-rock. Compelling vocals, rolling guitars, and playful drums lead to a catchy, high-energy sound. While “Superstar” sounds like the product of a ‘boy band,’ “Hide Your Halo” steps things up a notch with guitar solos and more dynamic vocals. The Dead Famous possess an undeniable catchiness and infectious pop-rock sound that is likely to turn them into a phenomenon.

Listen to “Hide Your Halo” and “Superstar”

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Discover: Nightly

Nashville-based indie alt-pop duo Nightly are making a name for themselves with their first EP “Honest.” Each song features stripped-down, minimalist verses and pounding, dance-y choruses. “Honest” is smooth and confident, with the only hint of uncertainty shown through the trembling rhythms and tentative lyrics on “No Vacancy.” This tentative sound breaks up the effortless, carefree melodies and opens up a softer side to the duo’s music that we hope they will continue to explore.

Favorites: “XO,” “No Vacancy,” “Honest”

Similar to: Foreign Air, Tokio Hotel