Weekly Roundup 8/14 – 8/20

Favorite Single: “I’m Not Made By Design” – Nothing But Thieves

Favorite Music Video: “Taxi” – The Maine”

Favorite Cover: “Praying” – First To Eleven (originally by Kesha)

Favorite EP: “A Tension” – Blank Parody

Listen here.

Favorite Album: “Live For The Moment” – The Sherlocks

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Skeletons” – Throw The Fight

Favorite Artist: Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag announced a new album this week and released two new singles, one of which directly addressed the events that occurred in Charlottesville. More than enough to make them our artist of the week.

Watch the band’s latest video, for “American Attraction,” here.



Artist’s Responses To Charlottesville

Plenty of musicians took to Twitter to denounce the events that occurred in Charlottesville. But some whent a bit farther and released songs or videos which clearly state their opinions on the matter. Here are a few of those responses.

Punk rock group Doll Skin released an intense performance video for their song “Puncha Nazi,” and added that “silence is violence” and “the time to speak up and stand up is right now.”


Anti-Flag released a new single “Racists” along with the following statement.

We stand in solidarity with those fighting racism and fascism in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond. We believe it is time for the removal of all monuments to the confederacy and the racism for which they stand. We must put these symbols of white supremacy into places where the proper context can be provided for what they actually are; outdated, backwards, and antithetical to what we believe the values of humanity should be. It is past time to have real conversations on systemic racism and America’s history of it. There are museums memorializing the holocaust all across Europe while America continues to try to hide from its racist, murderous past and present.”


Wilco released a new song “All Lives, You Say?” which is available for download for one dollar here. Proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the memory of Jeff Tweedy (Wilco’s singer/guitarist)’s father, Robert L. Tweedy (1933-2017).

“My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice. He used to say ‘If you know better, you can do better.’ America – we know better. We can do better.” – Jeff Tweedy


Weekly Roundup 8/7 – 8/13

Favorite Single: “In The Way” – Dirty Laces

Favorite Music Video: “The Art Of Eye Contact” – Too Close To Touch

Favorite EP: “Terminal” – Marina City

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Dichotomy” – Midnight Divide

dichotomy midnight divide.jpg

Favorite Artist: Midnight Divide

The band’s second EP “Dichotomy” takes them a step in the right direction, embracing a diverse array of genres and elements to bring a fresh take on alt rock.

Listen to “Dichotomy” here.




10 Songs For Your Next Adventure

Summer is drawing to a close, and that means you’ve got one last chance to squeeze in a last hurrah while there’s still warmth and sunlight. For your next adventure, whatever it may be, here are a few dreamy songs to keep you inspired and full of wanderlust.

“Wild Hearts” – Aeves

“Magic” – Saint PHNX

“Talking” – Midnight Divide

“Feeling You” – Island Apollo

“Dreamcatcher” – Night Argent

“Heart Eyes” – COIN

“Roman Holiday” – Halsey

“Dreamers” – K.flay

“Summer Sound” – ROMES

“Troublemaker” – Grizfolk


Weekly Roundup 7/31 – 8/6

Favorite Song: “Winter” – Pvris

Favorite Music Video: “Live Outside” – Enter Shikari

Favorite Cover: “Heavy” – Icon For Hire (originally by Linkin Park)

Favorite EP: “The Science Of Letting Go” – Smallpools

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Burst & Decay” – The Wonder Years


Favorite Artist: Enter Shikari

This week, the band announced their newest album “The Spark,” out September 22nd, and released the first single “Live Outside” with a music video featured above.






Yes Theory: Music And A Message

Yes Theory started a YouTube channel with the goal of pushing themselves and others outside of their comfort zones, and trying new things on the daily. You may recognize them from Brother’s Snapchat stories, where they pulled stunts like skinny-dipping with strangers or getting kicked off the tops of mountains. All of this, and more, they did to an amazing soundtrack, carefully curated by Thomas Brag (a member of Yes Theory). Recently, Brag posted a video explaining where they get their music from. Yes Theory use a service called Epidemic Sound for the majority of their music. Epidemic Sound houses a comprehensive library of songs specifically engineered for use in YouTube videos. The service specializes in background music; if you visit the site you’re more likely to get results by searching “sad” or “happy” than “Lady Gaga.” Below, find a list of our top three favorite songs that Yes Theory have used in their videos (not from Epidemic Sound), and a link to Epidemic Sound.

“The Cure” – Rotana

“Consequenses” – Johan Svensson

“Best Friends” – grandson


Epidemic Sound will give you a free 30 day trial, but there is a monthly fee to use their content after that. If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your next adventure, click here. To watch Thomas Brag explain where Yes Theory get their music from, watch the video below.

Weekly Roundup 7/24 – 7/30

Favorite Song: “Magic” – Saint PHNX

Listen here.

Favorite Music Video: “Down To The Bottom” – Dorothy

Favorite Cover: “Santeria” – Sleeping With Sirens (originally by Sublime)

Favorite EP: “Be Nice” – Milk Teeth

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Shapeshifter” – Knuckle Puck


Favorite Artist: Knuckle Puck

This week, the band announced a new album “Shapeshifter,” and released the artwork along with the first single from the album, “Gone,” which you can listen to below: