Discover: Bad Suns

Bad Suns are masters at synthesizing 80s post-punk and modern indie rock. Their off-kilter synth-pop recalls 80s greats like The Cure, and Bad Suns’ lyrics evidently take cues from that brand of sentimental, introspective writing. The band’s spacious new wave is tempered with more substantial indie rock hooks, bestowing a subtle urgency on the meandering tracks and helping to make them even more anthemic. With their most recent album “Disappear Here,” Bad Suns are catchier than ever before, without drifting away from their signature ambient post-punk and indie rock sound. Bouts of frantic guitars segue into floating, untethered sections of desperate contemplation in a satisfying balancing act. The album feels its way through, each track posing questions and working through ideas, the build-up to urgent percussion or sudden cut-back to isolated vocals appearing as just another part of the thought process. Everything about Bad Suns’ music feels natural, even the catchiest bits ringing with honesty and the softer moments daringly soul-baring.

Favorites: “Daft Pretty Boys,” “Heartbreaker,” “Cardiac Arrest”

Similar to: COIN, Grizfolk, Pale Waves

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