Discover: Dutch Party

Originally hailing from Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Ken Franklin started indie alt pop band Dutch Party shortly after moving to LA. While living in Echo Park, he made it his goal to add more subversion to the American airwaves. Dutch Party create music dubbed “pop with a purpose.” The band’s influences range from 90s hip-hop to the British Invasion bands of the 1960s, and result in a quirky genre-blending mixture that is simultaenously old and new. In 2016 Ken Franklin moved into a house in Highland Park, and began using it as a musical headquarters to create a new record and enhance the band’s live show. Dutch Party’s second, self-produced EP is slated for release in fall of 2017. Franklin had this to say on the upcoming EP, titled “Combat Pop”:

“The whole record was such a DIY effort. We love lo-fi records but based off the first EP there was some expectation for us to make a true pop record. So from the get go our mantra kind of became this thing called ‘high flying lo-fi’ where essentially we would record 3 minute ear worms in such mad hatter raggedy ways, then try and polish and lift these tracks as high as we could. Some weekends we’d scrape enough money together to rent a Fairchild 670 limiter and other times we’d record a piano part mono on someone’s iPhone. The whole purpose being to create a record to inspire future iconoclasts to live and think differently than the status quo.” 

Favorites: “Howl,” “Blade Runner,” “Echo Girl”

Similar to: COIN, Vinyl Theatre, MisterWives

Listen to Dutch Party’s newest single “Blade Runner” here:


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