EP Review: Midnight Divide’s “Dichotomy”

“There’s something about the space between days, that brief moment where the world is asleep and imagination runs wild that brings out the best in cinematic alt-rock band Midnight Divide.” That’s the first sentence that comes up on Midnight Divide’s biography page. And it’s clear as soon as you listen to “Dichotomy” that it’s no lie. Each song feels wild and imaginative, refusing to be contained within one genre or idea. With an abundance of synths and electronic elements, the EP feels by turns whimsically untethered and drowned in soundscapes. “Animal Eyes” and “Ketamine” are vicious and bold, relying more heavily on guitars and drums to get the message across. The delightful Royal Blood-esque vocal melodies of “Animal Eyes,” along with the hip-hop elements to “Ketamine” show Midnight Divide’s wide-spread influences. “Fireline” and “Talking” are softer, resplendent in their smooth, chiming synth melodies and gently rolling drums. The band have struck a balance between quiet and loud, angry and sad, rock and electronic.

There is no more fitting title for this EP than “Dichotomy.” It’s almost off-putting how opposite the two sides of the EP are. If not for the crescendos at the end of “Fireline” and “Talking,” it would be hard to tell all four songs were by the same band. But this seems to be the desired effect. “Animal Eyes” and “Ketamine” are violent and aggressive. “Fireline” and “Talking” are pained and heartbroken. There isn’t ever one way to look at something, or one way to feel about someone. And that is a truth that Midnight Divide embraces and runs with. As it turns out, it’s a fantastic foundation for an EP. The versatility of the intention, emotion, and musical themes behind the songs on “Dichotomy” make for a wild ride, in the best way possible.

Favorites: “Animal Eyes,” “Ketamine,” “Talking”

Similar to: YONAKA, Black Foxxes, Royal Blood


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