Discover: Pröwess

It is rare, in this day and age, that I hear a band and think rock n’ roll. But as soon as the first seconds of “No Survivors” rocketed towards my ears, those were the words that popped into my brain. Gruff, no-nonsense vocals give the band a Guns ‘N Roses air of casual toughness. From combative lyrics to ringing solos, this is a band that does not show weakness. Their music is a solid wall of impenetrable sound, not vicious enough to drown your ears in sound, but belligerent enough that it feels like the old-fashioned spirit of rock n’ roll. Maintaining their momentum after releasing their first EP “Headfirst,” Pröwess have just announced their first headlining tour, across the US this summer. The band will play hits from their EP, and provide a wild live show. Dates are below, tickets available here.

Favorites: “No Survivors,” “Killing A Giant,” “Show Me”

Similar to: Biters, Alpha Zero, Meets The Machine



July 12 – Greenville, SC – Harley Davidson*
July 13 – Tallahassee, FL – The Warrior
July 14 – Greenacres, FL – Piper’s Sports Bar & Grill*
July 15 – Orlando, FL – Bombshell’s Tavern
July 16 – New Port Richey, FL – Venom’s Back Room Bar & Grill
July 18 – Fort Walton Beach, FL – Green Door Music Hall
July 20 – Houston, TX – The White Swan Live
July 21 – San Antonio, TX – The Gold Bar
July 22 – San Angelo, TX – The Deadhorse
July 27 – Phoenix, AZ – Chopper John’s
August 3 – Oakland, CA – Stork Club Oakland
August 12 – Denver, CO – Tennyson’s Tap
August 15 – Lincoln, NB – Gray’s Keg Saloon
August 19 – Fort Atkinson, WI – Hijynx
August 23 – Flint, MI – Scooter’s Bar & Grill*
August 24 – Linden, MI – Lakeview Bar & Grill*
August 26 – Big Shots Ballroom – Muncie, IL*
August 27 – The Mockbee – Cincinnati, OH
August 30 – Music Lynxx – Mentor on the Lake, OH*
August 31 – Tree Bar – Columbus, OH
September 1 – Strand Pool Room – Grafton, WV
September 2 – The Farm – Florence, PA
September 3 – The Rim – Norton, WV

* w/ Johnny Z


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