The Killers reveal title of new album: “Wonderful Wonderful”

The album is available for preorder here.


Knuckle Puck announce fall US tour with support from With Confidence, Movements, and Homesafe

The tour announcement comes after Knuckle Puck’s recent announcement of their newest album “Shapeshifter,” out October 13th, and the release of their newest single “Gone.”

Tickets for the tour go on sale Wednesday 12pm local time.

EP Review: Milk Teeth’s “Be Nice”

On “Be Nice,” Milk Teeth don’t mess around. They don’t go for subtlety, or any large degree of metaphor, but instead choose the time-honored method of saying exactly what they mean. The opener “Owning Your Okayness” kicks things off with vocalist Becky Blomfield singing about wanting honesty in relationships. Next, “Prism” is a straight-forward attack on jealousy, amped up with scuzzy guitars and callous vocals. “Fight Skirt” is a take-no-prisoners battery of a song filled to the brim with distorted guitars and punk energy, the song on the EP that most resembles any track off “Vile Child.” For their finale, Milk Teeth start slow, with a delicate acoustic opening to the last track “Hibernate.” The song quickly builds into a driving chorus, replete with screamed harmonies from Billy Hutton, before the EP ends with one last acoustic recitation of “Hibernate”‘s refrain: “Don’t let me fuck it up.” It’s a short and sweet message, that encompasses most of the elements that bring “Be Nice” together. There’s the frank punk ethos that keeps things moving along at a steady, no-nonsense pace, coupled with Milk Teeth’s everpresent vulnerability, and of course, the band’s signature grungey punk sound. “Be Nice” is a fantastic taste of what’s to come for Milk Teeth.

Favorites: “Owning Your Okayness,” “Fight Skirt,” “Hibernate”

Similar to: Can’t Swim, Sorority Noise, Boston Manor

VISTA announce fall headlining US tour “The Long Live Tour”

The tour comes after the release of the band’s sophomore EP “Long Live.” VISTA had this to say on the new release:

“Growing into our sophomore release, we wanted to expand on our simpler beginnings and create a brand, instead of just being a band. The concept for “Long Live” really stemmed from “Henchmen,” which focused on the idea of fighting against the face of oppression in a politically polarizing society. The words “long live” fight against the image of an apocalypse and also mirror where VISTA currently stands. “Long Live” is the product of a lot of frustration and the examination of current events with one goal; to create a sound and concept that has both flare and remarkable depth. The result is something we are immensely proud of and put forward into the world with hopes that we can all fight against the grain in an increasing dystopian society.”

Get tickets here to see VISTA this fall.

Interview with VISTA

Weekly Roundup 7/24 – 7/30

Favorite Song: “Magic” – Saint PHNX

Listen here.

Favorite Music Video: “Down To The Bottom” – Dorothy

Favorite Cover: “Santeria” – Sleeping With Sirens (originally by Sublime)

Favorite EP: “Be Nice” – Milk Teeth

Listen here.

Favorite Artwork: “Shapeshifter” – Knuckle Puck


Favorite Artist: Knuckle Puck

This week, the band announced a new album “Shapeshifter,” and released the artwork along with the first single from the album, “Gone,” which you can listen to below:




Discover: VANT

VANT are one of the few-and-far-between bands who dare to tackle political and societal matters in their music. Their soft-edged indie rock isn’t immediately striking as subversive, in part due to the calm, rational way the lyrics and instrumentals are delivered. Smooth, rolling indie guitar melodies read like a slow-moving tide of carefree emotion. Yet somehow, it makes sense for VANT’s pointed lyrics, ranging in topic from religion to war, to be presented in an understated format. VANT aren’t necessarily attacking governments or ideas. Rather, they are challenging their listeners and the general population to think. It’s often easier to think to the rhythms of mellow indie guitars than driving punk instrumentals. Their non-aggression can be a curse as well as a blessing though; without watching their music videos or reading an interview, you might not even realize that each song discusses a tough subject. But combine their gentle music with straight-forward videos that drive the message home and you’ve got a band that has pulled off the double-jeopardy move of being appealing to listen to without thinking, as well as while contemplating the difficult topics they bring up.


Similar to: Baby Strange, Estrons, Otherkin


Discover: Lower Than Atlantis

Formed in 2007, Lower Than Atlantis slowly drifted away from its hardcore roots and towards a more widely accessible anthem rock sound. On their most recent album “Safe In Sound,” the band have put together ten solid indie rock anthems. Not all of them are carefree sing-alongs, but each of them has its merit, from the string-infused ballad of “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” to the relentless fed-up appeal of “Had Enough.” A healthy mix of guitar-driven elements and dialed-back vocals-led verses give Lower Than Atlantis an appealing balance of tempos and energy levels, ensuring that none of their songs become mundane. The sturdy instrumentals lend heft to the swooping vocals, as vocalist Mike Duce applies himself (successfully) to the task of delivering often cynical lyrics in a compelling manner. It’s evident that Lower Than Atlantis have been at this for a while; this newest iteration of their sound is thought-out and masterfully arranged to be downright captivating.

Favorites: “Money,” “Had Enough,” “A Night To Forget”

Similar to: Nothing But Thieves, Mallory Knox, VUKOVI