Pvris premier new song “Heaven” on BBC’s Rockest Record

Listen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p051ljj1

“Heaven” is more rooted in pop and electronica then most of the songs on “White Noise”. Following in the footsteps of “You and I” and “Empty”, the two new songs on the deluxe version of “White Noise”, this song focuses more on the ambience and production than on more rock-style instrumentals. Lynn Gunn’s vocals remain just as raw and forceful as ever, and the mysterious, dark vibe that Pvris are known for is still present.


Weekly Roundup 4/24-4/30

Favorite Song: “Marching Through The Smoke” – Blank Parody

Favorite Music Video: “Puzzle Pieces” – Broadside

Favorite Cover: “Black Beatles” – Waxx feat. Bleaker (originally by Rae Sremmurd)


Favorite Album: “Tidelines” – Tidelines

Favorite Tour: Paramore’s Tour One in the UK/EU

Favorite Live Performance: “Recovery” – Broods

Favorite Artwork: “MANIA” – Fall Out Boy


Favorite Artist: Pvris

Interview: Chasing Velvet

Chasing Velvet are a four-piece pop-rock girl band from Brisbane, Australia. With confident, upbeat riffs complimented by country-esque vocals, the group sound like early Taylor Swift met Paramore and the two combined forces. With their appealing harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy music, Chasing Velvet have already carved a place for themselves in the pop-rock scene.

Listen to their debut single “Vertigo”

Similar to: Hey Violet, Half The Animal, Blossom

Who are the members of the band and what instruments do they play? 

Amira: I’m Amira and I sing, Luci plays guitar, Jazlyn is on the bass and Naomi is our drummer.

How did the band meet?

Luci: Jazlyn and I first met at a concert and became friends. We wanted to start a band so we began jamming together during the late months of 2016. We then found Amira and Naomi through mutual friends online and Chasing Velvet was formed!

How did you get into playing music?

Amira: I first started out by performing and singing in musicals for school. I then started focusing on singing and getting lessons and now here I am in a band.

Jazyn: I started out playing bass in school. I used to always bring my bass to school on the bus everyday and my music teacher at the time taught me some basic notes. From then I just started jamming to my favourite artists and years later I met luci and that was the start of CV.

Luci: I learned a bunch of different instruments in school, but I mainly focused on guitar. I started out with acoustic and then transitioned to electric too.

Naomi: I’ve been playing drums and percussion since I was very young. I used to live in Indonesia and was in a few bands over there before I moved here.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Jazlyn: Just give it your absolute all and chase your dreams. Don’t worry about what others tell you about doing music for a career. Just always do what makes you happy!

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

Amira: Our lyrics come from all around us, but mainly life experiences and struggles we have come across. We like to be able to write about things that our fans can also relate to. People always say just write lyrics for yourself, but why not both?

What artists have had the biggest influences on you as a band?

Luci: There are way too many to list, but 5SOS, Hey Violet, Twenty One Pilots, Paramore to name a few. We all come from different musical backgrounds so it’s really cool that we all bring our own influences into the band to create what we do.

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?

Naomi: Fresh!

Has the music scene in Brisbane affected your music?

Luci: We wouldn’t say it has effected our actual music, but certainly the way we try to promote ourselves. The Australian music scene at the moment is quite difficult to break into, so for new bands it’s really important to focus on social media rather than just playing shows if you want to get your music out to new audiences.

Where did the band name Chasing Velvet come from?

Jazlyn: We always wanted to do something with our music and really make a name for ourselves. So I think the band name could be interpreted as the red carpet in Hollywood. Which would be awesome to go there someday!

What would your dream tour be?

Luci: It would be amazing to support some of our favourite bands such as 5SOS, Twenty One Pilots, Little Mix, Paramore and more.

What are your plans for the near future?

Naomi: We are currently working on new music in the studio at the moment with some great and talented people. We will no doubt be touring later this year so be sure to follow our social media for updates!